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Democratizing access to potentially
life-saving training in VR.

Welcome to KURVE XR

A state-of-the-art user-friendly and cost-effective VR training simulation software for fire safety and first aid. The comprehensive training modules are designed and executed in conjunction with industry experts. Every simulation in the training is designed with meticulous attention to detail to enhance the users experience as well as retention. Built on the ethos that no lifesaving training should ever be out of reach.

Training Modules

how it works

All you need is a simple VR headset and a compatible laptop and you are good to go. A single setup can be used to run upto 10 sessions a day

Our system requires minimal infrastructure and supervision to conduct training that are otherwise very expensive and risk-laden.

Our system records all activity within the training session to ensure accurate reporting down to the last minute.

We use a design thinking approach to ensure that the training programs are easy to administer and modular for future readiness. The software is hardware agnostic and can be quickly modified for a variety of VR platforms.

Features and Benefits​

No more boring presentations and lectures, get ahead of the curve and become part of the metaverse! Use our tried, tested and proven VR training platform to make your employees prepared for any first aid or fire emergency.

  • Individual Login for every employee
  • Save progress and continue where you left off!
  • Report generation to track employee progress and completion record
  • Longer retention of knowledge for employees compared to traditional training methods
  • Customizable environments using branding logos and colors
  • Easy to install, launch and use! All you need is a simple VR headset and a VR ready laptop/PC and you are good to go!
  • Immersive onboarding into VR
  • Standalone version coming soon*
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  • Simple and easy-to-use interface that lets users and their supervisors track progress and administer courses.
  • Detailed reports that can be exported and viewed as pdfs.
  • Tracks employee progress – Module completion, module test accuracy, hours spent, active time in VR, frequency, next session scheduled
  • Generates company wide reports when needed
KurveXR Dashboard


KurveXR Certificate of Completion

Pricing Tiers


1 User License
For additional user licenses please contact us


5 User Licenses
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10 User Licenses
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Contact us for custom pricing
User licenses based on requirement


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We have been able to cover a much greater percentage of employees being trained in a year and all of them have benefited from the VR platform.
Mahmoud Abass
Training Manager
Being a front runner in technology ourselves, the VR training platform was our go to choice to ensure our employees are well trained on fire and first aid.
Mohammad Hasan
Manager, Health, Safety and Environment Department
Our existing training methods didn't allow us to train our employees to the extent we intended. We had poor feedback and retention was low. When we gave KurveXR a try, the reception was phenomenal, and employees reported much greater appreciation for the training and their retention rate of the information was very high.
Killian D'Souza
Team Lead, Operations

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